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For 47 years of playing guitar and 41 years of teaching, I have developed methods to teach music and that is truly what I feel you gain studying with me.

“Rick Washbrook’s guitar playing is beautiful.”
Guitar Player Magazine USA
More Information
- Rick Washbrook as an educator never stops studying himself. At the age of 41 he was very fortunate to have the opportunity to study from Canada's jazz pianist Bob Erlendson for a ten year consistent program in advanced arranging concepts, harmony, re-harmonization skills, and improvisation. Bob Erlendson is now 87 years of age.
- 22 years of touring, entertaining and playing live.
How Rick teaches guitar
- As a caring guitar coach, I guide and work alongside you every week.
- Get fun and unique lessons, customized just for you!
- Learn faster and save hours of time
- Get over rough bumps and musical ruts
- Correct bad habits or technique
- Gain new insight into your own style
- Progress with every lesson -- go home happy
Why pick Rick Washbrook?
- Classical guitar from John Perrone at the Royal Conservatory in his
youth 1972
- Well studied in his theory & rudiments
- Rick Washbrook studod harmony and voice leading With Paul Read from
Humber College. Paul Read taught Rick Washbrook the well respected Gordon
Delamont Books; covering arranging and advanced harmony. 1983
- Studied record production and engineering at Fanshaw College. 1980